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Today, our species is responsible for more than 500,000 pieces of junk hurtling around Earth at phenomenal speeds, and if we don’t start actively removing the largest pieces, the risk of collisions will only grow worse.


“Imagine how dangerous sailing the high seas would be if all the ships ever lost in history were still drifting on top of the water,” says Jan Wörner, European Space Agency (ESA) director general.

欧洲航天局(ESA)局长Jan Wörner说:“想象一下如果曾经失踪的所有船只都漂浮在水面上,在公海航行会有多危险。”

“That is the current situation in orbit, and it cannot be allowed to continue.”


It’s almost as if we need a tow truck to remove all the thousands of failed satellites from our orbit; incidentally, that’s exactly what the ESA is working on.


By 2025, the agency plans on launching the world's first orbiting junk collector, a four-armed robot that tracks down space waste like Pac-Man in a maze.


The first-of-its-kind mission, known as ClearSpace-1, will start out small, collecting only a single piece of space junk to prove the concept works. The target in this case is called Vespa, a leftover remnant from ESA’s Vega rocket launch in 2013.
















As the Southern Hemisphere enters summer, a catastrophic bushfire season is well underway on Australias east coast. Homes have been destroyed, koalas are dying, and theres currently a thick smog of smoke blanketing parts of the state of New South Wales.


Some think the effects of the extensive fires could even be travelling across the ocean, ending up on New Zealands glaciers.


Travel writer and photographer Liz Carlson took these beautiful and sad photos while on a helicopter tour in Mount Aspiring National Park in New Zealands South Island.

旅行作家兼摄影师Liz Carlson乘直升机在新西兰南岛的阿斯派灵山国家公园拍到了这些美丽而伤感的照片。

Its pretty remarkable to see the impact of the fires from so far away, she wrote on her blog Young Adventuress.

她在她的博客《Young Adventuress》上写道:“真的是很不寻常,竟然在这么远的地方看到大火的影响。”









全球最大的印钞公司De La Rue警告说对未来“很是担忧”,除非能扭亏为盈。






De La Rue, which prints notes for the Bank of England and more than 100 other central banks, said it was suspending its dividend to help tackle mounting debts as it reported a first-half loss following a raft of problems.

De La Rue公司为英格兰银行和100多家其他中央银行印刷纸币,说正暂停派发股息以应对不断增长的债务,在遭遇一系列问题之后该公司报告了上半年的亏损。

Shares in the Basingstoke-based business plunged by a fifth to 140p, wiping £36m off its value, after it said there was “material uncertainty that casts significant doubt on the group’s ability to continue as a going concern.”


The company, which employs more than 2,500 people globally, said the warning was based on a worst-case scenario.


Unite, the union, said it was a “very worrying” development for workers at De La Rue, whose UK locations include Debden in Essex and Gateshead in the north-east.

工会Unite说De La Rue公司的员工前景“堪忧”,该公司在英国埃塞克斯的德布登和东北部的盖茨黑德都有分厂。














A marketplace for longer-term corporate housing could be a huge business, but rather than build that itself, Airbnb is making a strategic investment in one of the market leaders called Zeus Living, which will list its homes on the Airbnb site.

长期的办公用房市场会是一笔大买卖,但Airbnb不是自己建楼,而是对市场领导者Zeus Living进行战略投资,Zeus Living会将房子挂到Airbnb的网站上。

In just four years of redecorating landlords homes and renting them to relocated workers for 30-day stays (or longer), Zeus Living has grown to a $100 million revenue run rate.

Zeus Living将房东的房子重新装修,租给拆迁工人30天(或更长时间),仅仅四年收入就达到了1亿美元。

It boosted revenue 300% in 2019, and now has 250 employees and more than 2,000 homes under management.


Zeus makes money by charging landlords one free month of usage, and marking up the rent charged to customers.



Zeus CEO and co-founder Kulveer Taggar  tells me, I fundamentally believe that a lot of human potential is bound by location. At Zeus, were deeply committed to making it easier for people to live where opportunity takes them. Its already hosted 27,000 residents for a total of 650,000 nights.