TED | 早睡早起的人生会有多精彩?








#21earlydays# is still today, one of the most active hash tags on Twitter, without paying a cent for it. And more important than that, even the best part of it is that still today I continue receiving messages from people all over the world saying that they are waking up earlier, because of me, and that they are happier doing that! Thats great!



So,heres my point: a small act, but different act, such as waking up at 4:30 am originated a big result such as putting people to think and discuss about their own schedules and how to be more productive.



Nothing of it was planned, and I never imagined that it would reach so big dimension. But I think this is what happens in everyones lives if you are willing to take that extra mile. Like in the butterfly effect, where a small change in one stage may lead to large differences in a later stage, anything you do today can result in a big thing tomorrow,for you and for other people.



And this is more likely to happen if you do a lot of little things that you believe that will improve your life.



So, please,never forget: go beyond natural and think different; every little thing that you do everyday may lead to a big thing, a surprising thing in the future.I dont know where youre going to be in the future, but I can as sure you of one thing, that doing this you will grow, youll be a better person, and youll be happier.



Thank you.