“胖五”再出征 | 一周看点









What we have all witnessed on Friday was the start of the next chapter in that glorious legend contributed collectively by the countless scientific and technological workers in the space industry. Something that carries very special weight at a time when Chinese high-technology industries face threats of outside suppression.

上周五,我们所有人都见证了这一辉煌传奇的下一章的开始,这个传奇由航天工业无数的科学技术工作者共同贡献。 当中国高科技产业面临外部压制的威胁时,长征五号具有特别重要的意义。

The space industry’s stories of success, along with its difficult fumbling in moments of darkness, are a fitting reply to the rising doubts about indigenous research and development.


To many, the Long March 5 was precisely that answer - “we can do it”.


The Long March 5’s real, more substantial significance, however, lies in the fact that it represents technological breakthroughs that may usher in a brand-new stage in China’s space explorations.
















Even producers of the most recession-proof products - toiletries, beer, funeral services - need to consider how rising and falling consumer sentiment will affect their bottom line.


Of course, timing the next downturn is easier said than done. So as we head into a new year, we reached out to the Fast Company Impact Council - a leadership group of 200 founders, executives, and creatives - to gauge how some of the smartest and most innovative people in business are thinking about a possible recession.

当然,预测下一次衰退说起来容易做起来难。因此我们在步入新一年的时候,联系了《快速公司》影响委员会(Fast Company Impact Council),以便获悉商业中最聪明最富创新精神的一拨人是如何看待可能发生的经济衰退的。这个委员会是由200名创始人、执行官和创意官组成的领导集团。

About 4 in 10 respondents told us they expect the global economy in 2020 to perform about the same. But remarkably, nearly 45% predicted that the next 12 months would be worse for business. Only 16% said that the global economy would be better.


Impact Council members were more like-minded about the timing of the next downturn. While 21% predicted a recession would hit in 2020, the majority (54%) said it would likely arrive in 2021, after the next presidential election. About 15% responded that the next recession would come in 2022. Only 1 in 10 said the economy would continue to grow until 2023 or later.










红斑狼疮 Lupus 是一种潜在的致命自身免疫疾病,世界上大约有500万人患有这种疾病,但目前病因未知,尚无治疗方法。







In the past six decades, only one drug for lupus has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Association and it's still unavailable to many. Now, an international three-year clinical trial offers the first real hope for patients in half a century.


The Phase 3 trial, called TULIP-2, tested a drug called anifrolumab on a randomised selection of 180 people with lupus, giving them 300 mg every four weeks for 48 weeks.


Compared to the placebo, which was given to a further 182 participants who also had lupus, the authors say anifrolumab produced a statistically significant and clinically-meaningful reduction in the disease.


After 52 weeks, not only only did this drug reduce autoimmune activity in the relevant organs of many of the treated patients, it also reduced the rate of flare-ups - which include fever, painful joints, fatigue and rashes - and lessened the need for steroids.















An Ohio man was sentenced to three years in prison for throwing hot coffee at a McDonalds drive-thru worker.


The incident occurred after the worker accidentally gave the man an extra cup of coffee with his order. The victim suffered first-degree burns after she insisted on seeing the customers receipt and he responded by throwing the coffee.


Joseph Deluca, 54, admitted to assaulting the McDonalds employee and was sentenced to three years in prison, Newsweek reported.