NASA公布了2020年火星探测车 | 一周看点








The rover has been constructed in a large, sterile room at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, near Los Angeles, where its driving equipment was given its first successful test last week.


Shown to invited journalists on Friday, it is scheduled to leave Earth in July 2020 from Floridas Cape Canaveral, becoming the fifth US rover to land on Mars seven months later in February.


Its designed to seek the signs of life, so were carrying a number of different instruments that will help us understand the geological and chemical context on the surface of Mars, deputy mission leader Matt Wallace told AFP.


Among the devices on board the rover are 23 cameras, two ears that will allow it to listen to Martian winds, and lasers used for chemical analysis.















Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won a landslide victory in his party primary, thrashing his rival for leadership of the right-wing Likud party by a vote of 72 percent to 28 percent.

以色列总理本杰明·内塔尼亚胡在党内初选中赢得了压倒性的胜利,以72%对28%的支持率在右翼利库德党(Likud Party)中打败竞争对手。

Netanyahu’s decisive win came just weeks after being indicted on charges relating to corruption and bribery, and signals that the loyalty of his base is not wavering in the face of his tremendous legal troubles and failure to assemble a governing coalition in two general elections earlier this year.


The results also suggest that Israel might be back on track for yet more political deadlock.


Israel held general elections twice earlier this year, and both times Netanyahu’s Likud Party failed to come close to winning a majority and instead ended up virtually tied with the centrist Blue and White Party. And both times, Netanyahu was unable to cobble together a majority in parliament that could serve as a governing coalition.

以色列2019年早些时候举行了两次普选,这两次选举中,内塔尼亚胡所属的利库德党都没能赢得大多数,而实际上最后与中间派蓝白党(Blue and White Party)结成联盟。两次选举中,内塔尼亚胡都无法在议会中结成可以作为执政联盟的大多数。















The Chinese patent, first noted by DroneDJ, shows a rather serious-looking vehicle platform with chunky tires and a stabilized camera gimbal. As you can see in the image above, the camera mount is protected against shock by springs and pneumatics, which would no doubt react actively to sudden movements.


The image is no simple sketch like those you sometimes see of notional products and just in case patents - this looks like a fleshed-out mechanical drawing of a real device. Of course, that doesnt mean its coming to market at all, let alone any time soon. But it does suggest that DJIs engineers have dedicated real time and effort to making this thing a reality.


Why have a drone on the ground when there are perfectly good ones for the air? Battery life, for one. Drones can only be airborne for a short time, even less when theyre carrying decent cameras and lenses. A ground-based drone could operate for far longer - though naturally from a rather lower vantage.


Perhaps more importantly, however, a wheeled drone makes sense in places where an aerial one doesnt.















The state legislature tried to change all that in June, when overwhelming majorities in both the Assembly and Senate approved a bill that would have granted cities the right to make their own rules for both modes of transportation. But on December 26, Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed the bill, arguing that it didn’t contain enough safety measures, such as a requirement that riders wear helmets.

美国立法机关在六月份试图改变这一点,那时众议院和参议院中的绝大多数人都赞同一项法案,批准城市自己制定两种交通模式的规则。但是在12月26日,安德鲁·科摩(Andrew Cuomo)州长否决了这一法案,称此项法案未包含足够的安全措施,例如没有要求骑行者佩戴头盔。

That means a fragmented policy on electric vehicles in New York City. In 2018, the government approved the use of bikes that provide an electric assist while you pedal (like those provided by Uber subsidiary Jump). But throttle-controlled e-bikes, and all electric scooters, are banned under state law.


The measure to legalize e-scooters and e-bikes had broad support from activists, such as the 100,000-member New York City organization Transit Alternatives, and companies that provide e-vehicles, such as Bird and Lime. Responding to the veto, Transit Alternatives issued a statement that read, in part, “Governor Cuomo, a supposed champion for immigrants and the working poor, has failed to protect 40,000 low-wage, mostly immigrant workers in New York.”

使电动车和电动单车合法化的措施得到了活动家以及提供电动车辆的公司的广泛支持,比如拥有10万名会员的纽约组织Transit Alternatives(交通运输替代)、Bird公司、Lime公司。Transit Alternative作为对否决的回应,发布了一份声明,部分声明如下:“科摩州长,所谓的移民和穷苦工人的捍卫者,无法保护4万名纽约的低薪工人,其中大多数是移民。”