TED | 怎样做才能变得更宽容?




古有通过“联姻”来达成两国和平,今有“乒乓外交”来建立友谊。但除了这些,还有没有别的方式可以建立和平呢?让我们来听听巴勒斯坦活动家Aziz Abu Sarah是怎么说的。






I'm a tourism entrepreneur and a peacebuilder, but this is not how I started. When I was seven years old, I remember watching television and seeing people throwing rocks, and thinking, this must be a fun thing to do. So I got out to the street and threw rocks, not realizing I was supposed to throw rocks at Israeli cars. Instead, I ended up stoning my neighbors' cars. (Laughter) They were not enthusiastic about my patriotism.



This is my picture with my brother. This is me, the little one, and I know what you're thinking: "You used to look cute, what the heck happened to you?" But my brother, who is older than me, was arrested when he was 18, taken to prison on charges of throwing stones. He was beaten up when he refused to confess that he threw stones, and as a result, had internal injuries that caused his death soon after he was released from prison.

这是我跟我哥哥的照片。小的这个是我,我知道你在想什么: “你小时候挺可爱的,怎么长成了这样?” 我的哥哥,他比我大一些,在他18岁的时候被捕了,他因丢石头被关进了监狱。当他拒绝承认他丢石头的时候,他遭到了猛打,结果他受了很严重内伤,导致他出狱不久后就死了。


I was angry, I was bitter, and all I wanted was revenge.



But that changed when I was 18. I decided that I needed Hebrew to get a job, and going to study Hebrew in that classroom was the first time I ever met Jews who were not soldiers. And we connected over really small things, like the fact that I love country music, which is really strange for Palestinians. 



But it was then that I realized also that we have a wall of anger, of hatred and of ignorance that separates us. I decided that it doesn't matter what happens to me. What really matters is how I deal with it. And therefore, I decided to dedicate my life to bringing down the walls that separate people.



I do so through many ways. Tourism is one of them, but also media and education, and you might be wondering, really, can tourism change things? Can it bring down walls? Yes. Tourism is the best sustainable way to bring down those walls and to create a sustainable way of connecting with each otherand creating friendships.



In 2009, I cofounded Mejdi Tours, a social enterprise that aims to connect people, with two Jewish friends, by the way, and what we'll do, the model we did, for example, in Jerusalem, we would have two tour guides, one Israeli and one Palestinian, guiding the trips together, telling history and narrative and archaeology and conflict from totally different perspectives. 

在2009年,我创办了Mejdi 旅游(Mejdi Tours),一个旨在把人与人连接起来的社会企业,对了,我是跟两个犹太朋友一起创办的。我们是这样做的比如在耶路撒冷,我们会有两个导游,一个以色列人和一个巴勒斯坦人,一起提供讲解,从完全不同的角度讲解历史、发生的故事、考古和冲突。