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While it probably won’t make it to your dining table, a new scientific achievement might be able to help in everything from radar equipment to electric cars: scientists have been able to form salt, aka sodium chloride (NaCl), in a hexagonal shape.


This is work done at the smallest of scales, with researchers able to get a thin film of hexagonal salt to form on top of a layer of diamond, due to the chemical interaction of both film and diamond substrate - something the team actually predicted would happen in advance through simulations.


It’s the latest in a series of discoveries where scientists have been able to synthesise 2D materials with unusual crystal structures, and it’s partly this self-imposed restriction to two dimensions that is enabling new and exotic structures to be formed.


“Initially we decided to perform only a computational study of the formation of new 2D structures on different substrates, driven by the hypothesis that if a substrate interacts strongly with the NaCl thin film, one can expect major changes in the structure of the thin film,” says material scientist Kseniya Tikhomirova from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) in Russia.

俄罗斯斯科尔科沃科技学院材料科学家Kseniya Tikhomirova说:“最初我们决定仅对不同基底上新的二维结构的形成进行计算研究,我们的假设是如果一种衬底与氯化钠薄膜产生强烈的相互作用,我们就能预测到薄膜的结构会有重大变化。”















Twitter Inc. would be welcome to move to France should the social-media platform face an adverse operating environment in the U.S., French Junior Digital-Affairs Minister Cedric O said in an interview with Radio J on Sunday.

周日,法国负责数字事务的初级部长塞德里克·奥在接受Radio J之声采访时说,如果美国经营环境对推特不利,欢迎这个社交媒体平台搬到法国。“If Twitter would consider at some point that the U.S. circumstances would no longer allow the company to develop according to its values, and to continue to expand, and if there would be too much instability for various reasons, the company would obviously be welcome in Europe, and particularly in France,” O said.

奥说:“如果推特什么时候认为美国的情况不再允许该公司按照自己的价值观发展、扩大业务,由于各种原因有太多的不稳定因素出现,欧洲一定会欢迎这家公司的到来,尤其是法国。”U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order that seeks to limit liability protections for social-media companies after Twitter began selective fact checks of his posts on the platform. Twitter labeled two of the president’s posts about mail-in voting “potentially misleading” and provided links to news coverage of his comments.

美国总统唐纳德·特朗普在周四签署了行政命令,试图限制社交媒体公司的责任保护,此前推特开始对特朗普在该平台上发布的东西进行选择性事实核查。推特给总统关于邮寄选票的两则推文贴了“有误导可能”的标签,并附上有关他的评论的新闻报道的链接。Trump has accused the social media company of censorship and election interference and threatened to possibly shut down the service.















It appears that the fruity pie first came out in 2017, and McDonalds Singapore has just brought it back in May 2020 for takeout and at the drive-thru. Perfect for summertime, right? The crispy pie crust is stuffed with a coconut filling and nata de coco bits, which is a coconut gel. Needless to say, people who love coconut will be all over this treat.








如果你想让家里的餐厅看起来有霍格沃茨大厅的感觉,塔吉特超市 Target 可能正有你需要的东西。






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