TED | 五十万个来自陌生人的秘密









“I found your camera at Lollapalooza this summer. I finally got the pictures developed and I'd love to give them to you.” This picture never got returned back to the people who lost it, but this secret has impacted many lives, starting with a student up in Canada named Matty. Matty was inspired by that secret to start his own website, a website called IFoundYourCamera.

夏天的时候我在洛拉帕罗扎Lollapalooza发现了你的相机,我最后把这些照片洗出来了 我很想把它们还给你。这张照片一直都没有被失主认领,但是这个秘密影响了很多人从一个叫马蒂的学生开始吧,他来自加拿大。马蒂受到这个秘密的触动,成立了自己的网站,叫做我找到了你的相机”。


Matty invites people to mail him digital cameras that they’ve found, memory sticks that have been lost with orphan photos. And Matty takes the pictures off these cameras and posts them on his website every week. And people come to visit to see if they can identify a picture they’ve lost or help somebody else get the photos back to them that they might be desperately searching for. This one’s my favorite.



Matty has found this ingenious way to leverage the kindness of strangers. And it might seem like a simple idea, and it is, but the impact it can have on people’s lives can be huge. Matty shared with me an emotional email he received from the mother in that picture. “That’s me, my husband and son. The other pictures are of my very ill grandmother. Thank you for making your site.”



“These pictures mean more to me than you know. My son’s birth is on this camera. He turns four tomorrow.” Every picture that you see there and thousands of others have been returned back to the person who lost it - sometimes crossing oceans, sometimes going through language barriers.



This is the last postcard I have to share with you today. “When people I love leave voice-mails on my phone I always save them in case they die tomorrow and I have no other way of hearing their voice ever again.” When I posted this secret, dozens of people sent voicemail messages from their phones, sometimes ones they’d been keeping for years, messages from family or friends who had died. They said that by preserving those voices and sharing them, it helped them keep the spirit of their loved ones alive. One young girl posted the last message she ever heard from her grandmother.

这是今天我想和你们分享的最后一张明信片当我爱的人在我的电话语音邮箱里留言的时候我总会保存下来,因为也许明天他们就会死去,要不然我就再也听不到,他们的声音了。 当我在网上发布这个秘密的时候,许多人发来了他们电话里保留着的语音信息 有些已经在里面好几年了,这些语音信息都是来自他们死去了的家人或者朋友们的,他们说,他们留着这些声音并且和别人分享,是为了让他们爱着的人永远活在自己心里。有一个女孩发来了她从她奶奶听到的最后的一条语音信息。


Secrets can take many forms. They can be shocking or silly or soulful. They can connect us with our deepest humanity or with people we’ll never meet again.