The death toll from the Easter Sunday suicide bombing attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka has risen to 359. At least 45 children and 39 foreign nationals were among the dead.



A police spokesman released the toll but did not give a breakdown of casualties from the three churches and four hotels hit by suicide bombers.



The attack took place at three Catholic churches, and it is not hard to see the clear religious intent of the attack. The other attack was at a five-star luxury hotel, so the victims included wealthy people from around the world.



Among them, Anders Povlsen, CEO of Bestseller - the parent company of clothing brands such as Vero Moda, Only, Jack Jones- and his four children are also in one of the hotels.

其中,Vero Moda、Only、杰克琼斯等服装品牌的母公司Bestseller的首席执行官 Anders Povlsen 与他的4个孩子也在其中一家酒店。


Three of the four children were killed in the attack. He himself was also injured in the incident, but then returned to Denmark safely.




Povlsen himself did not interview on this matter. Bestsellers spokesperson said that they have confirmed the information about the death of three children, but hope that the outside world can respect the privacy of the Povlsen family, so there is not much comment.



At present, the extremist organization “Islamic State” ISIS has announced responsibility for the incident.





We believe that one of the suicide bombers studied in the UK and then later on did his postgraduate in Australia before coming back to settle in Sri Lanka,



They are financially quite independent and their families are quite stable financially,



Based on the news of all parties, it is clear that this was not an impulsive act, but a large-scale, calm, organized and premeditated attack.



The Sri Lankan government has imposed emergency law and an overnight curfew. It said it has also blocked online messaging services to stop the spread of inflammatory rumours that it feared could incite communal clashes.



The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is assisting with investigations.







The premier has been kept out of intelligence briefings since he fell out with the president, a government minister said.





ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, is the leading international terrorist group that once dominated the region around Iraq and Syria.



Some may wonder if the group’s stronghold was not wiped out at the end of 2017. Havent Mosul and Raka been liberated? How can ISIS get things done now?



The truth is that it was only the physical strongholds of ISIS that were destroyed, and now ISIS still exists in a discrete form and is still quite dangerous.







Some of those funds appear to have been invested in legitimate commercial enterprises. In October, a series of raids on Islamic State - linked businesses in the Iraqi city of Erbil uncovered a paper trail that suggested the group had invested in everything from real estate to automobile dealerships. These businesses are often run by middlemen who partner with the group not out of ideological sympathy but for profit, and then funnel revenue to the Islamic State when called upon.