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I think that video exposes so much of whats intrinsic to us as teachers in ways that help us learn and help us understand, and then help our broader communities understand what this complex work is really all about. I think it is a way to exemplify and illustrate things that we cannot convey in a lesson plan, things you cannot convey in a standard, things that you cannot even sometimes convey in a book of pedagogy.



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[Every classroom could look like that]



Bill Gates: One day, wed like every classroom in America to look something like that. But we still have more work to do. Diagnosing areas where a teacher needs to improve is only half the battle. We also have to give them the tools they need to act on the diagnosis. If you learn that you need to improve the way you teach fractions, you should be able to watch a video of the best person in the world teaching fractions.



So building this complete teacher feedback and improvement system wont be easy. For example, I know some teachers arent immediately comfortable with the idea of a camera in the classroom. Thats understandable, but our experience with MET suggests that if teachers manage the process, if they collect video in their own classrooms, and they pick the lessons they want to submit, a lot of them will be eager to participate.



Building this system will also require a considerable investment. Our foundation estimates that it could cost up to five billion dollars. Now thats a big number, but to put it in perspective, its less than two percent of what we spend every year on teacher salaries.



The impact for teachers would be phenomenal. We would finally have a way to give them feedback, as well as them means to act on it.



But this system would have an even more important benefit for our country. It would put us on a path to making sure all our students get a great education, find a career thats fulfilling and rewarding, and have a chance to live out their dreams. This wouldnt just make us a more successful country. It would also make us a more fair and just one, too.



I'm excited about the opportunity to give all our teachers the support they want and deserve. I hope you are too.